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How She Fought Back #5

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The dream he had marks the beginning of his dream life as he continues to dream about various things within and without, some of the futuristic things that he dreamt about he discovers that they come to pass. As from this point he has another orientation to life. He

Continues to worship with the brethren and growing in the new way that he has set his feet upon. One day, he dreamt again and in the dream he discovers that someone who puts on white apparel appears to him in the dream, handing over to him a letter enveloped in white,

Telling him as he hands over the letter that the enemies thought he would die six months after he was sacked, but before the sixth month he has met with Christ and that was what saved him, delivered him from that untimely death. After being delivered, the Lord allows the

Time to pass to know whether you will continue in the way or nay, since you have continued in the way, the Founder of the Whole Universe and all therein is has asked me to tell you that he has seen your cries and heard your prayers, he thence has asked me to give

You this letter being his response to your many cries, three days from now, you will be invited from an establishment where you have not applied to because someone has linked you up to the place and you will be employed there. All you have to do is keep the faith on. After

He receives the envelope, he was about opening the envelope when he wakes up. In the evening when he sees the brethren he discussed with them again what he has seen and they all praised the Lord with him for God at last has answered him. Three days according to the

Dream, he was invited by a bank for interview and after the interview he was given the employment, asks to start the work immediately. He continues to get closer to God and the brethren. He like before is dutiful to his work at the bank and would not join the people in


Doing any shady deals. However, there was a maiden who is the manager of her father’s company who used to come to the bank to deposit money and withdraw money to pay the salaries of her members of staff. There has not been money transfers like this then, companies

Would send their cashiers or accountants to deposit money and they are the ones who will withdraw the money to pay the salaries of their members of staff at the end of the months which will be put in the salary envelope as it is called then. The father of this maiden is one

Of the shareholders of the bank and well respected. As the lady keeps going to the bank for her daily transactions, she has fallen in love with this young man, and she would not allow any other person to attend to her other than him. If there are many customers before

Him, she will wait until he is through with his customers other than going to other cashier to attend to him. Other bank officials have been asking him the relationship between them and he has stated that he has never met her anywhere before, it was after he starts working at

The bank that he knows her. If that be the case his colleagues including the ladies among them have told him that the lady loves him and wants to be in romantic relationship with him. Well, I have no feelings for her, he stated, apart from that, I am already seeing someone, how

Would I leave the one I am seeing for another lady because of her wealth? He asks them. you should consider it, because love without money is nothing, his colleagues told him saying that assuming any one of them is the one the lady has fallen heads over heels in love with as

She has done to him, they will gladly accept the offer. He replied that they are all insinuating and there may even be no such thing in the heart of the damsel, she just likes me for my services and nothing more.


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