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How She Fought Back #4

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His mind was not on enemies at all for he has removed that from his heart after he has recovered from his illness that those herbalists were lying, they just want to create fear in the hearts of people. He was in this position seeking for what could be the cause when he met

With a prophetess who told him that what happened to him was caused by enemies, it is because they have tried severally to kill him but they could not that they are now fighting him back through the means that they know, rendering him to nothing in the society. He could not

Believe what he was hearing and says, the prophetess is herbalist in disguise. He continues to press buttons to seek for his reinstatement but this never happened. One day, when he was passing by he saw some people gathered praying and he decides to join them.

Those people belong to the class of the missioners who have come to the island to show people the new way called the way of the cross. He remembers that those people were the ones God used for him to restore his health, and he says to himself these people are good,

They are the kind of people he ought to join if not for anything because those who come to the island have been used to deliver him from the pangs of death before, who knows they may also be able to deliver him from the conundrum that he is into at the moment. He joined

Them there and the person who spoke that day spoke about Jesus the crucified to all there asking that people need to accept the slain man for their salvation because it is because of this that God has decided to send the Only Son of his to earth to die for all. He alongside few


People decided to give their lives to Jesus at the gathering that night. Since he was jobless now, he has more free time to do other things therefore, he started fellowshipping with them and learning about the new way that saved him many years back. He learnt many things

There. And one night after their program he dreamt and found himself at his former work place, he sees himself standing before his head of department and the man says he was sent off because they received a signal from the powerful people in their household that if they do

Not sack him they will visit the establishment and start to kill people, since no one wants to die, they had to do what they did, it is better that one be relieved of his duties than for all people in the establishment to die, whereas you will not die. After this saying he woke up and

Was perspiring. What is the meaning of this he reasoned within himself. At night during the fellowship period he discusses what he has seen with the brethren and they were the ones who told him that his dream is self-explanatory, the enemies have done what happened to

Him. He could not believe himself, is it then true that there are enemies lurking at the secret places monitoring and making attempts at people’s lives? He asks the brethren. The leader told him that there are enemies and Jesus has said that in the Gospels too that, and a

man's foes shall be they of his own household. This sounds strange to him for he has not have belief that there is enemy anywhere since he has recovered from his illness about twenty-five years ago and he has been living his life normally, and since he has been making

Progress in all he does, he never give it a thought like others who are his peers have been given it a thought. Now that the reality of enemies is coming to him, not through anyone but it is from what he has dreamt about. He hardly dreams about anything and now that he has

Dreamt of this he was disturbed and the word has more meaning and weight on his heart, so of a truth there are enemies? He keeps asking himself, remembering the prophetess saying again.

Quotation: Matthew 10:36


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