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How She Fought Back #3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


He has seen different cases of sickness brought to the hospital, even terrible cases that people have thought the people would die, he has seen them survive the diseases and get well again to the amazement of many people within the hospital especially the naïve people like

Him. He has been sent to the island to get a shrub for them, the laboratory workers at the hospital has stumbled on an active material while boiling the shrubs with substance that contains 80 percent alcoholic material that is used in purifying the instruments of the

Laboratory. After sieving the substance, he has taken it for analysis and discovered that the active substance, is contained in one of the drugs they are prescribing for people. He makes attempt at getting more of such shrubs in the environment but he could not and has

Talked with people around showing them the shrubs how he could get the shrubs. His friend has told him that the shrub grows in commercial quantity in his village and they have asked him to go and get them the shrubs. On getting to the island, his first point of call is his

Friend’s place, on getting to him he discovered the position of the child and was disturbed, then he told his friend that they cannot keep on treating the child with local concoctions and his friend should consider taking the child to the hospital as soon as possible.

He told him that he is not against the use of local herbs but he has seen people who have been rejected by the local healers who have been saved by those missioners, they also have their own powers he has told his friend. His father asks from him what he would need to take

Along and he told him that what they would ask of him is a token and he would be treated very well. However, they need to go to the place with their cloths because it is likely they sleep there for days. Sleeping there for months matters but a little his friend’s wife has stated,

All that matters is for her son to recover from his illness. After they had concluded their discussion, the man left for the wilderness to get the shrubs while his friend prepares to leave for the town, the hospital. When they got to the hospital, the missioners have swung into

Action immediately on seeing the child saying that the child is suffering from chronic infection called “TP”, since they do not belong to them they don’t know what kind of infection it is other than hearing “TP”. They placed the son on drugs asking that they stopped


Giving him local herbs for the time being. Soon it was noticed that the child’s body was improving. What they have been treating for weeks with no changes they are seeing the changes within days and the woman was happy. The child eventually got well and was

Discharged. After regaining his health that was when he started saying he does not believe in any enemies any where that those people are just lying. His life since then has also been getting better, and whatever he touches God blesses. This was however not the same for

His friends, because they are having difficult times, and they are those who do different sacrifices to wade off the enemies but since they have been doing all that the herbalists have been telling them to do their lives have remain stagnant not improving whereas he who has

Toe a new path has his life changed. This was the position of things with him and others. After a while he left the island for a bigger city to start working, there he was employed by the government of the city. However, after working for six months, he was lay off by the

Government for no reason. This surprises him, how could he be laid off when he has not committed any atrocity and he has not been warned before. He could not answer this question.

Note: “TP” is shortened by those medical people to mean typhoid fever.


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