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How She Fought Back #1

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is the one who does not believe in enemies contrary to the people’s belief about enemies in the neighborhood, and he used to tell others that it is because they believed in enemies that is why they are having problems in their lives, “but look at me who does not

Believe in enemies how my life is progressing”, he will say to his friends who are having difficulties making ends meet and who have contacted the herbalists and other priests in the island to know why their problems have been persisting and why they have keep lagging

Behind their mates despite the arrays of God’s deposits and blessings in their lives, yea including all they have given to life, because they are not lazy people, they are hardworking, diligence, dedicated to whatever they are doing, yet their lives is a mirage of what they

Thought their lives would be, and those people have told them that it is the enemies who are out fighting them, because the enemies have seen their glories and are essentially blocking their paths to their glories, because the enemies from all quarters their parents side,

The ones known and unknown do not want them to possess what is theirs’ because they know if they possess what is theirs’ they would liberate many who are in their camps, because they do not want such people liberated they have been blocking their paths to possess

Their glories. Those people will add that those glories could not be used by them hence they will stop them for getting them. However, in some instances, those powerful people would say, some people’s glories have been taken off them by their enemies hidden in the

Trees, casted into the rivers, dug in the ground, all with the mind that they will not achieve what they ought to achieve in the world, they would not become who the Supreme Being has designed they shall become on earth, it is because their glories have been taken off them that

They are suffering they will tell them. The young vibrant man also knows and has heard things like this from people, he remembers that there was a time that his parents took him to a herbalist because he was terribly sick then, and on stepping into the room where the herbalist


Is the herbalist shouted as if deadly animal has bitten him, with his parents looking here and there to see what was going on but could not see anything. After a while that he calms down, he says to them that what he sees about their son that has accompanied them to

The place is what makes him to shout like that because what he has seen concerning him is not good at all. His parents have become terrified and told the herbalist that it is because of their son that they have come to him because he has been sick for days now and has not

Regained his health, such sickness has not befallen him before they said. “We have used different concoctions for him so that he regains his health but instead of his health progressing it is deteriorating, we have contacted some herbalists and healers in the island for

Assistance but all they have prescribed for the child never works thence they have decided to contact him for assistance too on his case because they do not want to lose him he is their first child they told the herbalist. That is what I am saying the herbalist replied, I have

Seen it that evils like constellations in the firmament have surrounded the child, they have shared his body parts among themselves and are about to be eating their body parts, the truth be spoken to you, your son will die, there is nothing that could be done that would save him

From the enemies who have distributed his body parts among themselves he on a final note tell his parents.