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How She Detected His Deception #2

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When her daughter comes of age, she was attending the same school as those male children of her friend. Truly the elder son of her friend and her daughter became fond of each other, and they said one to another that what they have been praying for has automatically

Fallen into place. Their children after high school went to university, but this lady moves to another university and it was there she finds another young man that she likes. Her mother would not allow for this and she insisted that she must marry her friend’s son. After much

Pressure on the young girl she calls it quit with her partner and started dating the young man. They got married after she completed her university degree and it was a dream come true for both parents. But the unexpected happened six months after their wedding, and what

Happened was that the young man died. The lady was carrying his pregnancy. She wept and wept, refused to be comforted, telling her mother that if she has allowed her to marry the young man she has fallen in love with in the university she would not become a widow at her

Tender age. The news of the incident got across the neighborhood, from that incident, I have been thinking that the best thing to do for one’s children is educating them on marriage, tell them the pros and cons of it, and let them know that as parents they will always be there

For them when they found someone they wanted to be married to. This her mother has been doing and she reasons that this may be what other parents are doing for their sons and daughters too. Although families are different, they may not be doing that. As she has been

The delight of some of the guys in the neighborhood, they continued to exchange their phone digits and are talking on the social media. There is a guy who has been close to their family, he one day proposed to her. She asks him to give him more time because as the

Standard of the island she has to think the matter through before consenting, because immediately she consents, it is as good as being married, that is what is obtainable in the island. The young man was happy with this and has been living under the assumption that she

Would be his’ forever. Few months after when he brought up the matter to her again, she asks him that before he starts going out with him he will have to inform her parents. The young man was not happy with that decision, for he wants them to be secretly involved


Romantically at that moment. Then, he told her that he does not want her to inform her parents for now. She asks why he has said that, and his response is that he is scared of her parents for now, he would love that they would have been deeply involved with each other

Before letting their parents know about their relationship. When he says this, she asks him, “why are you scared? Or have you done a despicable thing which you know will not allow any of my parents to support our relationship?” To this question he does not answer

Her, what he only says is that if she truly knows that she loves him she should not involve her parents in this, you know parents cannot be predicted, he says, many of our parents are funny, they do not see what we see, he told her. Well, if you do not want me to tell my

Parents, it therefore means that we cannot be in any relationship she has concluded with him. After reaching conclusion with him, she discussed the issue with her parents one evening and her father told her that he has heard some dangerous things about him of late,

How he has joined some bad gangs in the society, and this he has been talking to him about. The last time he talks to him about this, he promised that he will turn a new leaf but to my chagrin, I was told about a month ago that he was among the people who have raped a

Girl in the neighborhood. All these details that I have about him is why he has insisted that you should not inform us, because he knows if you had informed us, there is no way we would allow you to go ahead with having a romantic relationship with him, her father has

Said. “Wow!” she exclaimed. You have given me a sense of belonging and it is because you have not shut your door against me, that is why I could say that to him, assuming it is other ladies whose parents are stern and do not give them chance, I may have been thinking

He is a nice guy and would have fallen for his suggestion because you have never divulged what you are discussing with him with anyone of your children. Elders should know how to keep secrets, that is one of the things that is associated with age so that we will make the neighborhood a better place for all to live in.