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How She Detected His Deception #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She is a wonderful damsel among her peers and she has been the cynosure of all eyes, in the neighborhood especially that of guys for all the guys in the neighborhood wants her to be theirs’. She cannot marry to two men at once, it is a taboo in their island for ladies to flirt

Around, and divorce in their island is not welcome at all. Thence, parents especially mothers usually tutor their wards especially the female wards on what they need to do to know who really loves them, for they should not rush into any relationship with any opposite

Sex, because if you rush in you will rush out, they used to tell them. thus, the ladies of the island usually go extra mile before they eventually give in to any man, and whenever any lady within the island gives in to any man, the man surely must know that she is already

Married the only thing left is for them to choose the day of their wedding when the entire world would officially know them as married couples. However there are rare instances when some dating collapsed, but most of the time it has been found out that it is due to deception

That eventually crops up on the part of the guy who may have professed himself to be whom and what he does not represent before the dating starts, and when the lady now discovers the deception she will have to back out of the relationship, and on other instances,

The death of one of them have been discovered to be another factor that does put an end to dating. Her parents like other parents have been telling her what being in romantic relationship entails and her mother has emphatically tell her to be careful, if she sees anyone

That she really loves, she should not hesitate to inform her, because she is her first child and daughter she needs to look after her, her welfare is her utmost concern she says. If she gets everything right, it is sure that it will not be difficult for her to tutor her junior siblings as

The leader. She says that many of those who missed it in life, it is because their leaders have also missed it. When a head is corrupt, the entire body would be corrupt, which means if a leader has failed to get it right, the junior ones after him or her would also have difficulties,

Thence, her mother strongly counsels that she should ensure that she gets it right in this aspect it is for this reason that they are alive, it is for this reason that God has given her to them because he wants them to tutor her right, she says. She will thank her after hearing such


Words. She continues to grow and bring delight unto the faces of her mother, siblings, and everyone in the neighborhood. Parents of some of the guys in the neighborhood also wish that she be married their sons. In the time past it is parents that used to get spouse for their

Sons, but things have changed, and it is the guy or the lass who should discover whom he or she loves bring her home to them after everything has been settled between them. therefore, those parents have not bothered to speak to her parents about her for their sons. She

Clearly remembers a story her mother shared with her of why she has not believed in getting a spouse for one’s children. There were two young ladies in the neighborhood whose parents have been very close, in fact according to history of them, they

Attended the same school from their kindergarten to the university. After they got married they decided to solidify their relationship by coupling their children together. Their deliberation was pleasing to themselves. However, their first issue are females, thence, they

Could not say anything because marriage in the island is between females and males. Therefore both of them look forward to what their second issue would be. One of them has delay for about eight years, which means she could not take in again for another eight years.

Her friend however has no delay and she has put to bed twice before she could conceive again. Her friend has given birth to two males while she give birth to another female at the tenth year. They were happy with this and believed that their plan would come to pass.


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