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How Powerful, the Hand of God


In His one hand He so holds our love, the other, His fist to clinch,

So very protective is the Lord, all hunger and thirst does quench.

The maker, all that is to be and we were of his greatest creations,

Those evil minds who choose to harm, all feeling His affirmations.

His hand of all affection, the creative one, leads the other, is first,

Always a fatherly love He's to show, avenges ones who hurt worst.

A mighty force to be reckoned with, a majestic artist, our own God,

He formed the heavens, all that within, made us each from the sod.


As our father in heaven did ponder so long, to worry about our sins,

How to save Mankind, just how we could be saved, to make amends.

Only through a great sacrifice, could all of our wrongs, to be forgiven,

The goodness, so admired, to be followed, as mankind had so striven.

The wisest Lord God decided at last, His own son would be sacrificed,

So all humanity would have another chance, loss of a beloved, its price.

Jesus walked, lived among men, his actions, love He showed each day,

When the day did come, his life lost on the cross, all sins washed away.


Now His spirit has risen, in Heaven, and He sits next to His Father,

They look down from celestial heights, as both of them, we honor.

The angels they send, each caring for our needs, guiding our ways,

The all-seeing hosts in Heaven above us, protect us all of our days.

The scriptures all done by the hands of man, each word written there,

Inspiration received from God on His throne, transcribed with all care.

A guide to live by, of our own Lord's inspiration, for every child to know,

Each is nourished in His precious garden, in the Lord's ways, do grow.


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