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How Much Time

I saw a picture once
A soldier was feeding a kitten
They needed each other
They punched a hole in the war
And for a moment life was this

I was sitting in a chair
I wonder what I was thinking
The picture was old but I was there
It’s part of me and I’m glad I saw it
Because I know how it turned out

I know there’s another cloudless day
They always show up just in time
Having nothing to do makes me notice
I’ll take another picture to share
I hope somebody knows what I mean

I keep patching holes on the inside
I don’t want a scar for a smile
I won’t cry on the patio this time
But if you want to hear about it
Let’s talk until I run out of time

Just don’t tell me how long that is
I have some plans but not for me
I only want to believe in what I do
I can’t really tell if my life is worth it
But I know the people I love are