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How Many, Oh Lord?

Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.


How Many, Oh Lord?

How many Manis have fallen hard through the ages?
How many Abrahams have broken the idols of deception?
How many Haile Selassies have raised our home in unity from multiplicity?
How many Moseses have parted the seas of ignorance?
How many Zoroasters have preached light in a world filled with darkness?
How often has history repeated its own Gospels and traumas?
You who preside over presidents; please show mercy to your messengers.

How many Davids have killed the Goliaths of doubt?
How many Jonahs have escaped the fishes of laziness?
How many Noahs have sailed above the ocean of insanity?
How many Pauls have learned from the experience granted by life's wonder?
How many Nephis have kept their faith in adversity?
How many prophets have been burned, shot, and crucified?
God of all Gods; please give peace and blessings to all of your chosen elect.

How many Joseph Smiths have translated arrogance into humility?
How many Siddharthas have educated the poor?
How many Johns have baptized with the waters of redemption?
How many Muhammads have delivered books from God?
How many Adams have made a greatly influential deed?
How many times has consciousness grown aware within the vast waters of time?
Deity of woman and man; please help your children not to perish.

How many Krishnas played the music of truth through their flutes of understanding?
How many Solomons have asked for little but wisdom?
How many Isaiahs have preached the truth to their people?
How many Akhenatens have revered one God above others?
How many Brigham Youngs have led their people to a choice land?
How many beings have suffered for the name of their Deity?
Oh God of the angels; please help all of your servants.

© 2020 Alexander James Guckenberger

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