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How Many Amazing People Do We Continue to See ?

Look Around You

We can start by appreciating the good in the next person we meet

Yes, one simple step

Take all their faults and throw them away

At least for the time being

Look beyond what we think we know?

See what other people have missed

Listen and when your done listening

Listen for more words

Let them speak

Tune in instead of tuning out

I know your mind is racing ahead

We are all use to the old way

Saying what's on our mind

It is so much harder than it looks

Remain quiet

Pretend we have no voice

We can not talk

Think of what we will say?

What will our first words be?

Better yet

A simple smile says it all

We learn a lot more than we give ourselves credit for

Our brain is made up of 100 billion cells

So help me

Put them to work

Thinking of how great it is

To be right here at this moment

A friend and I joke

The lights on but nobody's home

Little did I realize

How much we are capable of thinking every day

Why don't we think for ourselves?

We often criticize quickly and judge

In only a blink of an eye

How could we really have formed a complete thought?

We may have ideas and half baked concoctions

If we are not careful

They can get ahead of us

Try for one day

Not to say any opinions at all

We all have an important voice

Isn't it time ?

To use it for good instead of bad

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