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How Is It We Can Watch T.V. And Not Remember A Thing One Day Later ?


I Laughed Outloud

As soon as the entertainment black box is turned on

Are brains turn off

I don't think we are really present

Our mind drifts into a fog

We got numb to our surroundings

What seems to be a good thing

Is not that good

A living and breathing vegetative state

Lets review what happens when I watch t.v.

I eat unconsciously and it is usually a snack

Chips, ice cream or popcorn

Maybe these are habits from my past

I watch the commercials and become more and more lazy

My wife will skip the commercials and cut our t.v. time in half

It is not long before I am stretched out on the couch

My wife sits comfortably in her chair

There are so many channels to watch

Program after program

Movie after movie

The more I watch the more I want to never leave

I think of things I want to do

Then I think in my mind later

I am so comfortable

So relaxed

Then before I know it

What started out to be an hour or two

Turned into four hours

Nobody ever talks about how lazy we become

We do say

Did you happen to see this or that program on t.v. ?

Wow I thought it was great

It was funny

I might remember one scene or another

Now let me compare that to writing

When I write I sit straight up in a chair

I also eat

I choose a bowl of fruit

Grapes, cut up apples with a little whipped cream

I eat slower as I become carefully engaged

The snacks are more like a doggy treat

When I write a line that I am extremely proud of

I catch one of my mistakes that I made earlier

That I missed time and time again

A new thought takes over my mind and my writing takes an unexpected turn

I accomplish making something special

Diving deeper into an earlier thought

As my thought builds it starts small and slow

If it was a wall

Rock by rock

If it was stairs brick by brick

If it was a house

Board by board

Each time showing a little more effort

Building on the piece before

If one piece is off

Everything is off

So every little detail is important

I often have to step back and reread what I have done so far

Visualizing what I want compared to what I have

It can't be rushed

Sometimes if I am distracted by something else

I have to stop and continue later

When I am more focused and in tune

Then there are times when my writing oozes from my finger tips

Every word I type

Is followed by another word right on it's heals

As if we were in a long line

Waiting to go on an amusement ride

One person in front of the other

No cutting please

Moving slowly

The hot sun beating on my back

My legs getting tired and my feet also feeling sore

Everyone in front of me in their own little world


That will give us each our private own experience

Even though we all go on the same ride

The line moved forward a lot this time

I can see to the front of the line

Only a few heads to go

Now just a couple

Up next

See you when the wild ride is over

I hope your wait is a lot shorter than mine

One fine afternoon leads to an extraordinary time in the making



DREAM ON (author) on March 05, 2018:

Michael-Milec Writing makes you think. When you have to think you create. When you create you have to think more. Unlike t.v. where you watch and everything unfolds for you. You are in a more passive state. Thank you for explaining the way you feel so I can better understand my own thoughts and opinions. Have an enjoyable night.

Michael Milec on March 04, 2018:

Ahh, that's true DREAM ON. The educational programs I don't mind watching ; learning is my best entertainment , as time permit - my hunger for knowledge will end on the last breath...

DREAM ON (author) on March 04, 2018:

Michael-Milec I forgot to mention there are many educational programs that teach us so many good things. For example cooking shows, history channel and many others. Entertainment is important to refresh our thoughts and take a lighter look at life. Spending to much time on any one area of life cuts into many other activities that we could be doing. Balance is the key. Thank you for reading and sharing. It is always nice to see other views.

Michael Milec on March 03, 2018:

A breathtaking poem. I was reading it consciously focusing on how could I possible relate to it. After awhile I just gave up admitting my background culture complete in different environment. One thing though I am willing to admit, anytime having chance viewing tv program, I tend to forget all what is not important "food" for my soul.

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