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How Much I Miss Those Handwritten Letters

Technology has changed lives. Chitrangada likes the old ways of communication, but also loves to explore the many advantages of technology.

The handwritten letters

The handwritten letters

Letters of my Grandfather

Among the many old boxes and files,

Which needed to be compiled,

I found a bundle of old letters,

Written affectionately, by my grandfather,

At once, I went into the flashback,

The sheer joy of finding the pack,

Of opening those handwritten letters,

Cannot compare with the e-letters,

How I used to check the wooden letter box,

Each day, after coming back from school,

And a smile spread on my face,

To find those lovely letters,

I replied the letter with a Smiling face,

In my imperfect cursive writing,

And imagined, how grandpa would smile,

And point out my mistakes, in his next.

The handwritten letters had emotions, wrapped in an envelope

The handwritten letters had emotions, wrapped in an envelope

The Tenderness of a Handwritten Letter

And those lovely letters, sent by my parents,

Full of love, affection and preachings,

I have preserved them like treasures,

They are tender to the touch,

And make me feel,

Their presence around me,

So peaceful, so reassuring.

Letters are sent even now,

But perhaps, they do not carry,

The gentle warm feelings,

As much warmth and emotion,

As those precious handwritten letters.

Chitrangada Sharan

The First Stamped Letter: Fun facts

The First handwritten letter was by Persian queen, Atossa around 500 B C.

The first stamped letter we know today, came into being, in the reign of Queen Victoria in 1840.

Before this date, letters and envelopes did not have stamps and the receiver had to pay on its receipt.

Letters were folded with wax, hand seal or ring.


Why it’s important to write a handwritten letter, source: YouTube

The lost art of writing letters, Source: YouTube

© 2017 Chitrangada Sharan

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