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How His Money Was Transferred During the Pandemic #2

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They continued to treat him but he did not make it as he died during

The period. One of the members of staff of the establishment who has been close to him get

Hold of the laptop and on opening it, he was able to open the laptop because he has no

Password to the laptop. On opening the laptop, he connected it to the internet, because there

Is always internet connection in his office. This young man has no difficulty in opening his

Emails, bank statements international and local have been connected to the emails, the

Bank applications too and the password have been saved on the laptop. On knowing the

Amount in the accounts, he was able to transfer the money into his accounts without hassles.

This he done before the man gives up the ghost, after transferring the money into his

Account he moved it away from his account to another account which he called business

Account. When the people are having difficulties accessing the account they contacted the

Managers of the banks who told them how the transaction has went. They confronted him

And he told them that the young entrepreneur had confided in him and transfer the money to

Him for business transactions which he has done and it is no left for those companies to

Supply them the goods they have ordered for. Since the man has died no one could

Ascertain what he said and the case could not be pressed further by the lawyers of the

Companies. That was how the business of the man packed up. People have been looking at

This young man who had access to the young entrepreneur’s laptop that his lifestyle has

Changed but he has been hiding under lottery claiming that luck has smiled on him as the

Game he played he won and it runs to millions of dollars. However, the story he has cooked

Up, not many people subscribed to such story and those who do not subscribe to his story

Have opined that the man must have had access to the late entrepreneur’s laptop before his

Death or few minutes after his death because the young entrepreneur carries out virtually all

His business transactions using his laptop before he died. Those people have talked with

The security personnel to get to the root of the matter, and in an attempt to build case against

The man, they have retrieved the deceased’s laptop but the young man has cleaned his tracks

By formatting the laptop, thence they could not really ascertain how he made those

Transactions. And lest they be sued by the man, those people have dropped the case they

Want to build against the man, with each nursing the thought of something is fishy inside

Them. Since the case against the man could not be built, because of the formatting that

Has been done on the laptop, the man had his way. It has been stated that people are now

Seeing him negotiating with some estate managers on how to get some landed properties

Which he has been telling some people that he wants to start some companies because the

Money he won even if he is spending $10, 000:00 (ten thousand dollars) per day he cannot

Exhaust the money in the next 20 years, thence the best thing for him is to invest the money

In the island so that poor and indigent people would benefit from there directly and

Indirectly through the companies he would establish among other humanitarian services that

He will be doing. What is hidden to man is open to God someone says on noticing the

Changes that have come upon the man suddenly. His source of wealth is certainly

Suspicious they have been saying, and it is being related to a proverb in the island which states that, a witch cried yesternight and the infant died early in the morning who does not

Know that it is the witch that cried yesternight who has killed the infant, his hands are definitely not clean on the death of the young entrepreneur and the source of his wealth cannot be totally absolved from those transactions which he claimed the young entrepreneur has ordered before his demise…


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