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How His Money Was Transferred During the Pandemic #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


He was a seasoned business person before the unexpected happened during the coronavirus

Pandemic. As a seasoned business person who studied in reputable university within the

Island. After his graduation, he discovered that he does not want to work under an

Establishment as the star gazers he visited told him that he is not destined to work under an

Establishment, what is written in his star as could be read from the simian crease on the palm

Of his hand is that he would establish a company and the company would reach the ends of

The world with time. Because his parents have believed in such and have brought him

Along the path, he had no option other than subscribing to what those star gazers have seen in

His palms and he has started his business with “nothing”, other than using his intelligence to

Tell some people some things pertaining to what he has studied in the university, he acted

As consultants. His consultancy paid off for him as the money he raised from the consultancy

He started business with it at a corner of the balcony of the room he lives at. He becomes a

“two-in-one” person at this period acting as a consultant and at the same time buying and

Selling palm oil which he used to buy from farmers. Fate really smiled on him because when

He started there was palm oil drought in the island and the neighboring towns. He however

Has studied the trend of things over the years and have concluded within him that if there

Is no drought of famine that year, the following year it will happen, thence all the money he

Has raised as a consultant he invested all in purchasing palm oil and was storing them at a

Place in his apartment. It was not long that he got his apartment filled with palm oil and

Had to rent a small apartment too. When the year was running to an end, things changed and

There was drought of palm oil in the land as he has envisaged and that was the first thing that


Brings about his major breakthrough because he sold each keg of the palm oil ten times the

Cost price. He could achieve this because fewer sellers of palm oil has it in stock and in many

If not all the farms hardly could one get palm oil. He has more money and because of his

Education he could invest in some other businesses as being brought to the island by

Foreign investors. His fame rose within limited period. When he sees this he decides to get

Study something about business and thence went to business school where he has obtained a

Business certificate from a reputable business school in the island. After getting this

Certificate he becomes a major force in business within and without the island because, he

Has the certificate, the investments and the money is already speaking for him. As he has

Become a seasoned business person he is very close to his laptop through which he

Carries out many of his business deals. His bank details, email details and other social media

Details and passwords are saved on his laptop because no one has access to his laptop except

Him. He has a girlfriend but they were yet to be married when the pandemic broke out in

The island. He hosted some foreign investors at the twilight of the pandemic and since those

People have neither shown any signs nor symptoms of coronavirus during the process of their

Business transactions he has the hope that all is well with him. Those people have

Returned to their island, however on alighting from the plane at the airport, those people have

Been isolated before the expiration of the period of their isolation they started showing

Symptoms of the virus, thence, they have to trace those they have contacted and this

Young entrepreneur has been gotten to and put in isolation too, though he vehemently oppose

The idea but the health personnel would not listen to him. While he was quarantined tests Conducted on him shows that he also has the virus in him, it was not long that he started

Showing the symptoms.