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How He Used His Education to Save His Community #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Greater percentage of the children of the island use to take this concoction, and he

Discovers that when those children took the concoction, greater percentage of them if not all

Of them who use the drug go into seizures, and when people notice that such child has gone

Into seizure they would stigmatize the child among his peers. His supervisor advises that

He should ensure that he looks for those who have not taken the concoction and those who

Have taken the concoction and ask them questions about what their experiences were. After

This he should then collect the sample of the concoction for analysis in the laboratory to

Know what is the constituents. He obeyed what the supervisor told him and went to his

Village to ask of people who have taken the concoction what their experiences was, and he

Notices that all of them have some forms of seizure after taken the concoction while those

Who do not take the concoction never had seizures. In addition to this, to who had seizures in

The island are always stigmatized, thus, those people are usually stigmatized and some of

Them find it extremely difficult to get spouse in the community because of this some of

Those who have suffered such had to flee the island to another to get married there, because

Those people do not know their pasts. In addition to this, some of those people find it hard to

Get good job within the island, for they would not be employed within the island except

Again they left the island. Due to this he discovers that many of the good brains of the island

Have all left the island for another because of stigmatization that the concoction has brought

On them when they were young. The island grapples with brain drain trying to call their

Sons and daughters home but those people have refused to return home for they cannot return

To where they would neither be valued nor respected other than being stigmatized thus, they

Have all stayed where they were. After getting this, he took the samples of the concoction

To the laboratory for analysis and what he discovers was shocking. It was discovered that the

Concoction contains “quinolones and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID)”.

This no one knows, before within the island, but they would blame those who develop

Seizure after taken the concoction that they have been attacked by the gods because they are

Bad people and would become bad influences or people in the future. After discovering this,

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The pharmacists have told him the implications of the combinations of the drug in the

System saying that when the two active substances are in the human systems it would lead to

Convulsive seizures. Then without the pharmacists knowing what his intentions were, he asks

That has he seen where people use this? Whenever and wherever people use this it will

Always lead to convulsive seizures. He strongly advises that he should tell those in

Possession of the concoction not to be using it for human beings. The pharmacist says he may

Want to demonstrate it and he should give it to rat to see what would happen to those rats

As compared to the rats he does not give those concoctions to. He told him that it is of no

Need that he has seen enough of it. He told his supervisor what he has discovered and his

Supervisor was elated as he submitted his papers for World Health Regulated Bodies. For

This work he was awarded and researchers were sent to their island and public health

Instructors were told of the dangers in taken the concoction in the island. Through this young

Man, liberation comes to the island as the people of the island stop giving their children

Such concoction again. the world health body in acknowledgement of the work of the young

Man has established a world Health Research Institute in the island to acknowledge the work

Of the young researcher. What he earned surpassed the fifty years labor of his father. His

Father would give words of testimony to his friends and people that he thank God that he

Never forced himself and his ways on his son for assuming he has done that the findings and

Discoveries he has made perhaps would not have come at that point in time if it all would

Be discovered. The generations that follow too could not forget him and through him those

Who have been disparaging academics before could not disparage it again as everyone within

The island now desires to send their wards to institutions of higher learning for they have

Now come to realize that through the means they can change the world and also that money cannot buy everything


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