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How He Used His Education to Save His Community #1

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It is getting to seven decades that education has gotten to the island yet people living

Within the island have not totally embraced education because they have not seen the real

Reason to embrace it. “What everyone seeks for in the world is money, when you have

Money you can buy anything, possess anything and even be at par with the educated ones

All over the world” they used to tell their children. Thence, they have not seen any genuine

Reason why anyone should be wasting his precious time, money, energy and continuing in

School further than the secondary school level. All you need is knowing how to read and

Write even the most popular politician in the island does not pass his High School certificate,

And if what the reports gotten from the authorities in charge of education of the island is

Anything to go by, he did not sit for the final High School examinations but things have

Been maneuvered for him. This is what we say, when anyone has money, he can buy

Anything and possess anything within the island a man told the young man when he insists

That he wants to continue with his education. When the young man would not give his

Father rest, his father has allowed that he continues with his education, although it has been

The will of the father that the young boy who is his first child to join him in his business and

Learn the art, act of “business” so that when he dies he can take over the small business

Empire he has. But since he has insisted that he wants to continue with his studies, stating to

His father that even if he will take over the business from him he wishes to have additional

Qualifications he does not want his academic career to end at High School Level. This

Young man got admitted into institution of higher learning and graduated with a “draw”

Grade. The students call second class lower degree draw equating it to a game in which the

Two teams play draw. The students would say that the university does not defeat the

Student that has second class lower nor the students defeat the it all end in draw. That was

What the student graduated with. He was happy for graduating from the university and would

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Pour encomium on his father and parents for allowing him to continue with his education

In his final year project. His father has been thinking that since he has graduated from the

University now, he would come and join him in his business for that was what he assumed

Was their deal. But after the graduation he again appealed to his father that he wants to

Continue with his studies, he wants to have additional degree, which is called master’s

Degree. Not many people within the island has had master’s degree he says, what they all

Have is the first degree. While explaining to his father, the island is yet as it is because

The fewer people who have gone to the university among the natives of the island never

Passed the first-degree phase, and first-degree phase according to some psychoanalysts he

Told his father is like drawing a pyramid, you will notice that the base of the pyramid is

Broad meaning that many people are at the base while only fewer people are at the top,

Echelon of the pyramid. This may not be unconnected to why the island is lagging behind

And many people who have graduated from the institutions of higher learning in the

Island have not been able to make impact in the island. His father listened well to all he has to

Say and replies that all you want to say is you wish to continue with your education and you

Need my support again. He nodded his head. His father says he will try his best. Thus, he

obtained his master’s form and proceeded to studying his Master’s degree. After the course

Work and he decides to do his research in what he has noticed to be common in the island of the use of a local concoction.


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