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How Great A Mother's Heart


Nothing is greater than a mother's heart, to all she shares its part,

As she so bears each child with strength all the while, at the start.

As we dream in our sleep, her love's to keep, she spreads around,

Forever and a day her flowers are on display, her beauty to abound.

Nothing grander than a mother's devotion, as deep as the oceans,

Dedicated to us each, her lessons she does teach, not just notions.

Not a thing more gracious than all her patience, she always shows,

As every child is gifted, hearts are lifted, is seen as each one grows.


Nothing as rewarding, this life of a mother's care, we all do share,

Nothing quite as splendid, the joys intended, so beyond compare.

Through the years of sacrifice, is her beauty, always looks so nice,

Through thick and thin, she starts all over again, her great advice.

A mother's true love, as a divine gift from above, is forever lasting,

She does without at times, counts all her dimes, she says is fasting.

So that everyone is fed, says prayers then to bed, her storie's read,

No matter how hard or tough, living can get rough, bakes our bread.


A mother's heart is so vast, she does mean to last, is always there,

Is a precious blessing, as an angel caressing, many hugs to spare.

When our times are bleak, a mother's care we seek till a day is fair.

She will remain in our heart, forever there is a part, for her fond care.

We all love our mothers.

We all love our mothers.

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