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How Far Gone Am I?

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I can't explain it

My words fail me

Is this love?

The need to tell her every detail of my day

Uneasiness when we go hours without talking

How happy I am when we finally do talk

The coziness of her embrace

Envy every time someone else holds her

Apologizing for the littlest of things

If its love I hate it

I cant breathe without her

Does she feel the same way?

What if we stop talking?

The mere though of it hurts

Might as well just help myself

Press the self-destruct button before it goes any further

But she's perfect

Body like an hourglass

Beauty of a goddess

Eyes that stare deep into my soul

The softest of skins

The kindest heart

Even on her cornrows I find myself staring

What's this emotional rollercoaster.

Why does it have to be this complicated?

Is this love?

How far gone am I?

© 2022 Timi

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