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How Evil is Used


Evil, its self, in all of its own ugliness,

so thinks it's to be always in control.

Every misdeed, the act it so delivers,

soon More vile acts, it does then extol.

The creator only allows old evil to bask,

by that warming sunshine of its deceit.

As all the while its own wrongs destroyed,

this, a bringing about, of its own defeat.

No matter how determined, evil may be,

there's no power greater than all good.

And in every heart, is this resolve to be,

behaving in all our lives, as we should.

Our good Lord, who has so made us all,

uses the evil against its own wickedness.

Fooling the bad, in every way that He can,

then revealing itself, so all do understand.

Bringing about of the best in his children,

and reminding them when they go astray.

Guarding them each. the right life to teach,

Communicating with them as they do pray.


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