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How Does It Feel To Be Different: Short Poems


We, people, are different. And it's the most normal thing to be, to be different. Whether it's our appearance, our thought process, our acts, whatever it is. The bottom line is, we aren't same, and we should embrace our individuality.



No matter where I am
It always feels like
I should be
Some where else.
I look like them,
I speak like them,
But, to be like them
I always fail.

Out of the place
Out of the box
Don't know what it is
I always feel a little bit
Alien like.
Average but different
Silent and quiet.


Many Faces

Sometimes they appear
To be, like me.
To think, like me.
But eventually
They are, like them.
They think, like them.

When the masks
Come down.
They all are like one.
Same mind,
behind different faces.
And now,
I am kind of done.


Let's Be Different

You are ignored
Not because
You are ignorant.
Maybe they can't follow you
Just because you are
Little bit different.

So don't bother
And don't stop
Being yourself.
You are the only one
Who is like you
So let's be different
And proud of ourselves.

© 2019 KAMKAR


KAMKAR (author) from India on March 31, 2019:

It really means a lot, THANK YOU.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on March 31, 2019:

Good job on these short poems. I love your message, that we shouldn’t try to be like everyone else. We are unique and need to embrace our differences.

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