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How Do I Show How I Really Feel ?

Stripping Away The Bars

Yesterday is over and done

All I can say and think

What a day it was

I was so excited for what I could see and feel

It started out like an average morning

Where I would get up and eat breakfast

Soon I did a few things around the house

Then off to work we go

My wife drops me off in the area of my work and she heads to her work

She has to be in work two and half hours before me

Having some time

I enjoy walking around a local Salvation Army store

I love to look at all the things that come in

The different things people own and gave away

For one reason or another

Then I walk through the book section

Where the books are inexpensively priced

I walk past the romance and novel section

I like to dive into the real live action

I go to the non fiction and religion

This is where I begin to day dream

All my sweetest and greatest thoughts come alive

How nice it would be to do that ?

Look I found someone who followed their heart

Here is another book of love and excitement

One title after another doing and feeling the way I feel

There are some sad stories too

Where I read the cover and wonder how tough it was for that person

Then I look at the business section

I read each title as it moves me

I read the inside and the back cover

That gives me a quick fix

More often than not

I will buy a couple of books that spike my curiosity even further

My wife wonders when is enough enough

I tell her when I write my own book

Until that day

I keep getting inspired and uplifted

By the words of other people

Who stopped at nothing

To succeed

On this particular day my emotions where at an all time high

Maybe more emotional because of the holiday spirit

I am persuaded even deeper

So as I carry a couple of books in my hand

I see another title that tugs at my inner raw emotions

I usually have a sense of balance

Where I walk away at this point

I found I take pictures of the titles I like

So I can maybe buy one or two at a later date

Usually they are gone when I return in a few days

As I read one title

My mind races to the next

I know these are books I have never seen before now

So it is alright to leave them on the shelves

Tucked in their own little spot

Like little children tucked into bed

But this particular day

I couldn't walk away

I hit a very weak moment

Each of my thoughts created a stronger and deeper desire

I know I have a mile to walk

So reason kicks in and I leave a little edgy

Unsatisfied that I couldn't buy other books that I think I will like

I know I have many books at home already

I call it my window to the world

Where I am inspired and fulfilled with the grandest of all thoughts

Those thoughts create action

That action pushes me to new heights

That I could never of dreamed of before

A new direction I didn't expect

So after about a good forty five minutes of observing many books

I slowly could see my pile growing

Once again I have to remind you the reader

I have no car

So whatever I buy I must carry

Common sense dictates


Walk away

Not today

My emotions got the best of me

I have to be out of my mind

When I finally did stop

There were thirty three books in total

Ranging from size and shape

As I went before the counter

The young lady said something I haven't heard before

I heard her but didn't

As she rang up my total

I was quite pleased with the savings

I watched as another coworker passed her a plastic tote

She piled in the books

Grabbing two or three at a time

I looked at her in amazement and bewilderment

I bought these books and now I am only beginning on my journey

I should and could of stopped long before this moment of truth

I keep asking myself the same question

Did I really need all these books ?

Well with a deep breath and a sigh

I thanked her and asked her if she likes to read

She said I do

But with three little ones I usually read what they are reading

Then busy with work and home

I don't have much time for myself

As I walked out the door

I seen a little boy and his mother behind me

I used my should to hold the door for them

She smiled and as her son stopped at the candy dispenser

She said thanks but he wants something

I knew that feeling

The joy of getting something in those plastic bubbles

For only ten cents or a quarter when I was small

The joy was so powerful

I forgot to tell you the whole story

When we came here it was raining

So it could be pouring out right at this moment

It didn't matter

I had the lady give me a few extra plastic bags

So I could double bag the books myself and not hold up the line

I failed to see who was the unlucky person behind me

It was raining lightly

I carried the tote in front of me

Thinking why did I do this ?

It makes no sense ?

I could only walk a short distance before I had to put the books down

I am talking maybe fifteen steps and twenty the most

I looked at these wet blue bags that flickered from the rain

Later I weighed the books that I carried

They were a whapping sixty pounds

I thoughts many thoughts at this point

What it must feel like to be overweight

How hard it is to do what I do all the time

Just walk

Then I watched as cars drove by me

I wondered if they noticed the young man walking with a black tote

I think they were all too busy

It is the Christmas season where everyone is shopping

To be continued....

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