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How Did It Really Happen?

Let The Events Unfold As They May

Without further ado

Where are you?

Sitting at home or maybe sound asleep

Here I am

Eating a cut up apple

Slowly ever so slowly

Piecing together yesterday's events

The day is all over

I still want to break it down

My mind races forward toward a new day

Then still part of me

Wants to know?

How did I make it this far?

Each day I try to bring my A game

The best way I found

To make it to the next round

Is not to let let life get you down

So much can and will happen in only one day

Many people feel it is just a stroke of luck

Then the loyal believers believe

God has a plan

I sit here and don't know the right answer

Because as great as life may seem

Each day doesn't feel real

It is more like a dream

I think I know myself

Then I know that is actually the farthest from the truth

Take my arm for an example

It is my arm

The same arm since birth

Yes, there have been many changes since birth

It has grown maybe 14 times it's size

There is not one day I don't use it

Yes, I couldn't tell you how many hairs are on it

How many cuts and brusies are on it

It is mine

Yet it is still foreign to me

What about the rest of my body?

What about outside my body?

My life

Each day I live and breathe

I read a little bit more than before

I keep learning in one form or another

The days all change

There is not one day the same

But I still keep little record

There is nobody stopping me

I somehow don't feel the need

If I listen to everyone else

The day before today

Is a done deal

A lost cause

That we don't somehow

Want to reveal

It is in plain sight

I can feel it

I have lived it

We push it away as fast as it has come

It doesn't seem right

We spend our time elsewhere

I constantly check over my work

To see my flaws and the error in my ways

Just as easy as pie

I let so many things slip through my fingers

Just as I go to grab another peice of apple from the small dish

The apple is long gone

I had just eaten the last piece

A few seconds ago

I am so involved

i didn't even notice

We left the air conditioners on all night

I get up and shut one of my air condioners off

For those who are asking?

My left leg is a little better than before

Our daughter Charlotte woke me up around 4:20 A.M.

That is one cruel joke to play on somebody

Wake them up

So you can go back to sleep

Our cat knows we love her without question

What is on her mind

I don't have a clue

There must be tons of information

Thousands and thousands of pages

All about cats

I have Google at my fingertips

I still don't make the time

To find out more

My mind is elsewhere

My wife got up just to say hi

Not true

She got up to go pee

Then as she walks back to bed

She says I love you

I love you too

Before she goes back into a deep sleep

She takes her Levoxyl

Medicine for her thyroid

She takes it every morning

Then has to wait a half before she eats

Her life is different than mine

She has no choice

She was born with an underactive thyroid

Her doctor says hers look like swiss cheese

How many things in one day do we do

Because we have to?

Then how many more do we do

Because we want to ?

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