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How Coronavirus Gets to the Island #2

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The “whites” have made everything easy they used to say, thus, many of those farmers

Have generators on their farmlands while some even have installed inverters powered by

Solar on their farmland, after all, they have been spending most of their week days on the

Farm and as occasions demand for it they hardly come home except during the weekends,

During the market days, when they have important things to do in the center of their island

Like family meeting, religious activities among other things. Except for these, many of them

Feel comfortable sleeping on the small barns created in their farmlands. And now that the

Issue of arrests, charging to court has been involved they have decided that it is better to

Leave the middle of the island for their farmland where they cannot be arrested to be living

Until the lockdown be eased. We are not “government workers” we have nothing doing

In the middle of the island they have told themselves, let the politicians and those who are

Government workers attend to those, they said as they left for their respective farmlands.

While on their farmlands, they also have relaxation centers after the day’s work similar to

That within the island. There, those adults, and young men also gathered while their wives

And servants prepare the evening meals for them. they have heard a disturbing news on the

Community Radio that has been situated on the island that one person in the island has

Contracted the deadly coronavirus. He has been taken by the medical personnel to a special

Place where he will be looked after, while other people he has been in contact with are being

Sought for according to the news heard. The farmers about seven in number have

Gathered on a small mountain close by them that evening to relax and play their “Ayo

Olopon” game and while playing the games one of them have raised the issue heard on the

23. News that one person has been discovered by the medical personnel to have contracted

The disease and the alert for stemming the disease has been raised to “red” with people he

Has been in contact with in the recent days are being sought for, for isolation to prevent the

Corona virus awareness song - OPT

Spread of the deadly virus. The man has said the probable means of the virus entering the

Island is through one of the rich men of the town who has three sophisticated hotels built in

The island. For this man has also been involved in illegal migration of ladies into the island.

Those ladies she brought into the island are used as Class I type of sex workers in his

Hotels to satisfy above average men who patronizes his hotels. Some of those illegal

Immigrants have later been found to find their ways into the midst of the people of the island

When their terms of agreement have been breached. Some of them when they discovered

They cannot return to their island again will open brothels where other sex workers who have

Been disengaged from where they have been working like they are. Those ladies travel wide

And far, the man said, this virus would have entered the island through them he said.

Another while adding would say, and since the incubation period takes days before the

Person who has contracted the virus becomes symptomatic, as the person continues to

Spread the virus through sneezing, close contacts without observing the safety measures

As stated by the health officials the virus would surely get into the island. It is a sorry case

For our island One of them would say. The search team has been set up, and they will likely

Be seeking for the “living among the dead” now, trying to visit the farmlands for possible

Contacts. One of them adds that is not possible. They do not like farming and they will not

Want to come to the farmland he says. Even if they come I know they cannot isolate anyone

Of us, one of them says for we have left the island for quite a while, let them continue to

Battle with it, soon they will discover those people they are looking for, what we should

Guide against now is strange people coming into the farmland. Let them clear their own

Mess in the city, while we also deal with our works here.


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