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How Coronavirus Gets to the Island #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The island is an ancient island not too vast, walking the length and breadth would

Take a whole day if the person starts in the morning. All over the island trees could be found

Located at strategic places. They have been left there to prevent erosion that usually destroys

The road, creates the uncommon and unwanted channels of drainage all over the place and

Sometimes even threatening some of the houses built by the fore fathers of the island.

Erosion is an unwanted thing in the society and should be stopped by all possible means.

Thus some of the trees have been left at some strategic places within the island while some

Have been planted by those fathers to stop the erosion. After the growth of some of the newly

Planted trees by their fore parents they have converted them to relaxation joints after the

Hectic day’s work on their farmland. Beneath these trees are found stems of trees that

Have been cut to make seats, some bamboo trees have been cut and well arranged to make

A sofa for people to sit on. At a corner one could see small clay pot covered with a clay

Lid and on one of the stems of the tree is a long-hewed plank with 12 holes hung. This is

The characteristics of would be found underneath each of the trees at the planted around the

Island. It is common to find some adults and young men of the island in the evening period

When the sun is going to the west about to set these people gathered under these trees at

Different locations closest to their houses to be playing the local game called the game of

Numbers, “Ayo”. Sometimes some of those people would leave their street and the spot

Close to their house to a very far place to be playing if their friends are there and if

They are challenging the winner of a particular spot. The “Ayo Olopon” game is been played

Using the long-hewed plank with twelve holes, six on each side with beads. Four beads would

Be put inside the 12 small holes at the inception of the game as two people will face each

Other to play the game while others would sit or stand around them to be watching the game.

Just like all other games been played globally, the players playing the game would also have

"War against Covid-19"

Supporters hailing them as they are playing the game. As they are being hailed by their

Supporters, those supporters would also be talking on various things happening in the

Neighborhood and at times would focus their telescope on other nigh by islands and or

The continent, depending on their mood, what is happening around and in the news,

What the leaderships are doing and those things that are not good happening around which

Ought to be looked into by the people. Though they discussed this to calm down themselves

Learn from and sometimes they purposely do this when they noticed that there are some

Among them closer to those at the helms of leaderships of the island so that such a person

Would be able to convey their displeasure, happiness, and or support to those people when

He sees them as it is been said that it is for the deaf to hear that some words are spoken

In the presence and at the hearing of the children begotten by the deaf. It has been long that

They have gathered to play like this last under any of the trees within the island because of

The global pandemic which calls for lockdown of the nations and different islands the

Island has been affected too as her leaderships have called for her lockdown and anyone

That is caught not following the orders have been arrested, charged to court, and asked to

Pay heavy fines in addition to other punishments that the jurists seemly find fit. This

Worrying development have forced many of them to relocate to their farmlands because

There are barns built by farmers on their farmland which could accommodate them. Since

They cannot withstand the laws in place, many have left for their farmland to be sleeping



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