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How Can We Begin To Understand The Bad People In The World ?

Is There Hope?

For why would someone want to harm someone else?

For no reason

I can't wrap my head around it

My wife reminds me that it is a good thing

That means you are not one of those people

There are so many things in the world to do

That are pleasing and fun

Why go down that rabbit hole?

It can't be avoided

As much as we try

It is the white elephant in the room

I for one will try with my last breath

To make each day a little better than before

In some small way

So that trickle effect might continue

Ever so slightly

In any direction and time it sees fit

Then I can say

I have lived a beautiful life

As we watch the sadness and tragedies around the world take place

We feel helpless and alone

Hurt and angry

Sad and uneasy

These are all feelings I don't like

I have been reminded for years

This is life

I quickly respond back

Not my life

But in the back of my mind

I know it is somebody's life

That somebody could one day be me

I keep trying and want to believe

If we focus on good

Only good will come

That is partly true

Even in the bad

We can find good

That will remind us that there is more good in life than bad

Let us pray

For a good day

Let us start small

A lovely smile

A laugh

Simple things with a quick outcome

Then as the day progresses

Let us expand on what we have

Good thoughts can soon develope

A feeling of joy

A sensation of well being

The gratitude of being alive

As we look around us

We see people not much different than ourselves

Working and breathing

We might not know them

We may never know them

It is safe to say

They do exist

Now let's go a little farther

We all have families

We all have friends

If we put together these special people in our lives

We have groups of people

These groups of people have their own families and friends

As we expand

We cover the whole world

No one is left out

If we can focus on sharing that love

That beautiful love

In any way we can see fit

If it is as simple as a hello

Good morning or good afternoon

Even late into the night with a Good night

How blessed are we

To live this life

I don't have a solution to all the problems in the world

I do have love

i do have a love so strong and amazing

It doesn't ever quit

I keep on learning it grows if I do nothing at all

It has a will of its own

It is not only for me

But for everyone to enjoy

We all can enjoy love at the same time

There is enough for the whole world to experience

Yet nobody talks about it

Is it the oldest, best kept secret

Well the secret is out

So I spilled the beans

Once one person knows

Everyone will know

I can't take it back

As hard as I try

Will you please forget what I told you?

It wasn't up to me to tell anyone

I made the biggest mistake of my life

Now everyone will be happy

All at the same time

I feel some what responsible

Maybe just maybe it would happen adventually

But now I speeded things up

People are going to continue to be happy


Life will never be the same again

I can't think of anything else

I try to put it out of my mind

The love just keeps on coming back

What will I do

Love one more person

Then another

They will love one person

Then another

The cycle will go on to eternity

What have I done

This could be the worst morning ever

My mother use to say if you have nothing good to say

Say nothing at all

I knew I should of slept late

My brother was right

Don't go putting stuff on the Internet

Once it is out there

It can never be taken back

No matter how hard we try


Some where

Will find it

Send it again and again

Life is hopeless

My father would say if you see bad in other people

We have but to look at ourselves first

Love will always exist and continue to thrive

As much as I tried to stop it

I have turned bad and didn't even know it

I guess I will have to learn to live with it

A world filled with endless love

© 2022 DREAM ON

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