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Horrible Last Night

Last night I was sitting in front of my room. The weather was so horrible. I was alone at that time . I wrote this poem on same situation.


The night was a strangely haunting weather

To be or not to be was vague

There was a loneliness that was sympathetic

The capital of thorns and dust was also less

The whole scene was cut short by the eye

The color of the night was astonishing

The whole scene was complete silence

The situation of vague everywhere

Hurricanes were crooked heads, silent

There was mourning in the desert today

The lights were bright all around

The reflection in the mirror was dimness

It was light for a long time last night

I covered the moon last night

After a while the fog cleared

My heart listened me last night

Fingers touched the sky

Yes, I was in the clouds last night

The veil of veins was rising

Every thing I remembered last night

The sound of rumblings was in my heart

It was raining last night

Moments flew by

It came into my hands last night

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