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Hopes for your life

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

— Martin Luther King

Stars shooting off in the night,

Moon lightning the world with its light.

Flowers in the garden with glorious scents,

Sun rising every morning with some hours rent.

Water falling with a splashing sound,

Mountains standing with sand all around.

Islands in oceans giving birth to lives,

Wind moving everywhere after resolving all ties.

Flowers flowing on water and inside,

But not dying, though out of sight.

Animals living in the forests happily,

Birds flying in the sky fearlessly.

Insects habitating in the trees,

Fish breathing in the seas.

All planets revolving but never collapsed,

Every system running without any mishap.

And only God, The Self-Subsisting,

Who is the Protecting Friend and All-Knowing.

Who is Governor and Controls everything,

The Devisor, The Sustainer and The Ever Lasting.

All of these, give me hope,

So I can live my dreams off.

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