Hope on the Other Side of the Rainbow

Updated on December 27, 2017
Rainbow is the representation of surpassing the touchstone.
Rainbow is the representation of surpassing the touchstone. | Source

How was I, then.

Amidst in the unknown place where darkness is everywhere; surrounding my environment with confusions.

Here I am living my life of loneliness knowing the independence against the world's cruelty.

The cold is shivering on the side of the road where I was standing but no one seems to recognize my appearance like I was indwelling my own nightmare.

I do not fear of dying in an instant but I was frightened to live without doing anything so valuable in my lifetime.

I shouted the air until it goes up to the highest level of the atmosphere to released the madness deep within me. But still, no one catches my attention.

How do I live like this? Is there really a God?

Even though I used to lived in agony for a long years, I still feel so helpless.

I fear myself of being drowned in the phantasm of unrealistic expectations.

I was frightened to chase the time limit of my persistence.

But I realize that this is not the life that I want for my own history.

I found myself in the middle of a diversion road, wondering where to begin my never ending journey as long as I am alive.

So in order to survive this aberration, I forced myself to calm down and tried see the true visions of my existence. I watched the night rise while the sun was resting before I thought well.

Time went by, I think the costliness of my life begins now.

With just a step of my feet and a flick of my fingers, everything can change in just an instant.

I let them pass through me and observe how they ended walking through the endless road.

My nightmare lies only in my fantasy and now I am awaken in reality.

I figured out how will I find the true meaning of love, happiness, freedom, and peace. Like a bird who is confined in his cage and escaped from the darkness of loneliness and solitude.

Milestone after milestone, I decided to walk along with my dreams and hopes in order to preserve whatever I have.

I tried to navigate the direction of where I am travelling to surpass this storm.

On my journey, pain and sadness still did not depart from my soul.

But I saw on the other side of the shore, the sun rose again along with a new hope.

So I sacrificed my own preference of selfishness in-exchange for the life of peace.

Even if my candle in heaven becomes exhausted, I will do everything to make my lifetime become valuable.

Now I finally knew the conclusions of everything about the disturbance behind the touchstone in my own fate.

I figured out that violence is very fundamental to resolve the torment of destiny as life exist.

At this moment, I am ready to face the consequences of living in eternity where darkness doesn't reside in me anymore.

Because I believe at the end of the rainbow I will find what I'm looking for.

Sometimes, we thought that there is no other choices left for us, so all we have to do is to watch around until we find the answers.
Sometimes, we thought that there is no other choices left for us, so all we have to do is to watch around until we find the answers. | Source

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