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Hope Make Me Win

The author wants to educate herself about the human mind and the psychology behind it.

Title - Hope: Make me win

When your eyes are wet in bright sunlight
No place to feel safe
When you feel like giving up
You were by my side
The hope that things will get better
Even if it takes days
Or months or years
When I think about the worst
When there is no one by my side to comfort me in my hard times
You made me feel like a rock with unshakable crust
Ability to sustain the bad and the evil
Ability to say sorry and not end things
I walk alone in the dark night
Alone but not alone
With you by my side
Losing hope is like losing a battle
The battle that means no violence
You never knew existed
You never knew was needed
The battle within your own self
The good and the bad
I am competitive and won't accept losing a battle without trying
Hope you stay by my side till I am trying