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Hope and Support.

Let's Spread the Epidemic Of Hope.

Hope and support.

Hope and support.

Hope not Out..

She….Sad, Depressed, and Hopeless girl.

Why she is sad?

What’s she want?

Only….. Hope and Support.

Wants a single person in her little world.

Who can say……

You can do it, keep it up!

Do what you want to do.

No matter what, I am always by your side.

Is it easy, to find such a person?

Every creature of the world

Give her Hope in their own Way.

Birds give her wings and say fly freely.

Plants give her flowers and fruits and say

Live colorful lifelike flowers, and get

A result as sweet as fruit.

The sea waves crossed the rocks and,

teaches her to live strong yet calm, steady yet yielding.

Baby smile and a light in the eyes of

A person who fulfilled his dream.

Give her Hope, to pursue her dreams.

But, still, she is not happy and gets boosted. WHY?

Because she wants some unconditional support

From her loved ones, few encouraging worlds; JUST...

But everyone threatened her dreams by,

Social accustomed, family issues and

Judgmental behaviors.

Here the story Changed, When she found a Reliever.

Finally, someone find the reason behind her

Failure, stress, and hopelessness.

And gave her Hope with a warm hug,

And Saying of ….

O, My Dear! You can do it.

You will shine like a bright star.

And now,

she is ready to conquer the world

and to Give what she takes (HOPE).

I think when someone wants to do something

Good, willing, different and what’s he/she actually

Want to do.Every creature of the world pray for them,

Give them hope except Humans (who always

Lose your hope, threatened your dreams).Only a few,

Great people give hope, spread hope. So try to find

These kind-hearted people.

Maryam Fatima,( A Dreamer).

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