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Hope, Transformation, Bewilderment and Love. Friday's Inspiration 23, to Tanmoy Acharya Ji. Happy Easter!

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"Spirituality is not merely tolerance. It is not even acceptance. It is the feeling of universal oneness. In our spiritual life, we look upon the Divine not only in terms of our own God, but in terms of everybody else's God." - Sri Chinmoy

Hyacinth of Hope, vastness, infinity

Hyacinth of Hope, vastness, infinity

Hope, Transformation, Bewilderment and Love

I remember the darkness …eons of an abysmal abyss,

Piercing my wounds like thorns; creating a veil of sorrows.

Now a rose, I have survived the strong winds and angry

Earth, taken roots strong enough to survive any tornado.

A light crosses my shadow and I see a phoenix soaring in

The firmament, burning a path in the perennial galaxy so

Intense, that my soul becomes transfixed.

Transformed, I gaze at the luminosity of heaven --

The nebulae, Orion, the shooting stars … the moon

Looks so beautiful! This is where Sage Vasishta’s wife

Resides. This incandescent star of bewildering beauty!

Now at nights, many brides and grooms, pay homage to her

Towering holiness, in order to have a progressive marriage.

I once said to my mother: “mommy, mommy! “What

Is that there in the sky?” “The moon!” She smiled.

“The moon? I want to go to the sky and play with it!”

“You don’t have to go to the sky, my darling, one day

The moon itself, will come to you.” She smiled again.

So now I soar on the seeds of my mother’s vision,

Leaving my mortal coil behind, not too dissimilar from

A suspended pool. Only I’m a soul-bird, not a fish, and

The hope-seeds of the eternal grant me feathers, so I can fly.

Now I have no need for counting sand; the effulgent dazzle

Of souls beneath me, is too powerful and hold my gaze, like

The Temple of the sun. I reach out to Jannah, as the nightingale’s

Sing, my Heart shedding the tears of ceaseless Love.

1st April, 2021. By Manatita, The Lantern Carrier


Wisdom from the Master

"A true religion only sympathises with other religions. It wants to experience its oneness-ecstasy with all religions, founded upon its own soulful cry. It wants to become inseparably one with all religions by virtue of its tolerance, patience, kindness and forgiveness..." - Sri Chinmoy

Note: A lot of the times I take quotes, from a much larger body of Sri Chinmoy's work. I cannot put too much here.

Wisdom from the Master

"There is no fundamental difference between one religion and another, because each religion embodies the ultimate Truth. Each religion is right, absolutely right, because each religion conveys the message of Truth in its own way." - Sri Chinmoy

Jesus, The Christ


The Christ

The Christ ... Jesus, the Christ, was the son of God, just like Sri Krishna, Buddha and some more. The formless Absolute, in order to project Itself into creation to serve It's children, takes on a form, usually known as a Divine Incarnation --the direct descent of God in human form.

They come whenever righteousness declines and a new era is about to begin. They serve the Absolute, in bringing about this great change, by offering themselves to mankind. Sri Chinmoy calls this Manifestation. Unless the Spiritual Master manifests God in and through creation, his role is not complete. They do so through Love.

Preparing for Easter

© 2021 manatita44

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