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Poems about Hope


Hope is a concept the world knows all to well. It is something we experience at some point in our daily lives. Hope can give us strength in hard times.

People use hope to reach their life goals. The feeling is a great attitude that affects the way we view ourselves and life.

Today, I have written some poems on the subject. If, you like my poetry, please leave your feedback below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


Against the horizon hope raises it


Freedom dances to its tune

Like nations rising from its past

Hope keeps

the dreamer

when all else fails

Hope Is A Shelter

Hope is a shelter

the mind lives in

A garden with many


Hope thrives and hope dies

a death of a thousand times

Hope is a shelter sometimes open

and sometimes closed. It is the rain

along a jagged road.

Hope grows old like grey

haired men

and takes a rebound

only to born again

Hope is a shelter

The Pleasures of Hope

The pleasures of hope

is similar to

lovers elope

an adrenaline rush

that is short lived

If Hope Could Dance

If hope could dance

It would move like the king of pop

and split like James Brown

Its boogie would rival the

Harlem shake

If hope could dance


Hope is an empty table

which never seats its guests

Is it a ringtone at best

Hope shines when the

moment is right

it laughs with gratitude

leaving the soul at peace