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Hope Lives

Whilst tragic as this world may seem,

Take stock and look upon it with tentative eyes.

Behold the presence of its beauty,

Which never ceases to delight and amaze.

As tumultuous though this harsh reality may be,

It still gives life to immense joy.

Penetrating fierce embittered hearts,

That weathered tireless antipathy.

Unearthing new hope.

Which casts a radiant spark of light,

To drown out the incessant darkness.

That accompanies time with such congenial ease.

Savour those tender poignant memories,

That connect us to our given purpose, salvation and ancestry.

As this precious spirit encompasses all nature,

To enlighten one’s faith, courage and conviction,

Eternally strengthening life’s unparalleled journey.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge

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