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Hoodwink: A Poem

David has been living in Japan for close to ten years. He loves reading, history, music, and movies. He lives with his wife and kids.

The sun is setting, the moon is high

Sounds and shatters eaten by the dark

Eyes peeled and ears perked

A thousand voices start to weep

Footsteps come running

From where one must now imagine

Small and quaint though they are

Fear and terror they rightly bring

Covers rustled and bedsheets pulled

A sob and a squeak can be heard

The clock ticks and the wind blows

Suddenly, all is silent as the night falls

Dream little one, in the forest of dreams

Fly out and forget what you hear

Float away from the tendrils that beckon

Twist not your thoughts with this false lullaby

Sleep little one, and rest your head

And heed not the whispers that beguile

Hush now and say a prayer

Soon dawn will break and the shadows will be gone