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Honeysuckle Morning

Writings from deployment series, Wrote this when I was in Afghanistan 2011-2012.

Honeysuckle Morning

A honeysuckle sky with linear rays,
casting lemon limelight streaks across the sky.
Bursting through beyond the fortress of clouds.
Dark angry clouds.
Bulging sporadically, straddling through the ceiling.
Purple hues and pink accents,
pastel tints bringing shadow definition.
Like outlining evil with the latter beauty.
With these heavens and floating hells,
haloing enormous mounds.
Dusky purple mountains,
trickled downed eruptions.
Himalayan rejects,
swallowed by red murky air.
Baron rocky ledges,
no foliage in sight.
These land monsters promising its stage as a safety fence.
They're so far away.
I gather my eyes to my target destination.
Breakfast is on.
The sun has just risen.

© 2022 Francesca Caterisano

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