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The fantasies are doorways watching on our first day of romance,
When legalities of wedlock will be unlocked and free us to give life a glance,
Then we'll pour ourselves loose of laws and dictates,
And there will be my colorful crayon enticing with angelic moves,
As I sense the sweetest fragrance of my senses,
Ever better than the petals,
Then our eyes will face each other ready to free us the bondage of emotions,
We'll crumble with the walls as we sneer emotions on the environments,
Deep down we'll burry feelings with reality illusions with deeds,
We will be empty as we loose ourselves and pant as tired dogs,
With the void planet having the two of us,
We will break boundaries to make things craved for a real,
We will sail higher and higher and depart sanity as we loose all human senses,
To the shots of the skywaves we will be radiant as we watch meteors together,
As we harbour outside the earth with no Visa, all about freedom and merry,
To the darkness we'll hit it with illuminated speckles from our folds of hearts,
Dancing with the spirits high above and trying to loosen the long held cravings,
Then it will be,
a done deal,
Journey made to destinations,
Or probably a dream made real,
Then we will lit candles for memories of where we are now.

© 2019 Stephen Mwangangi

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