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Honey, keep Up The Good Work

There Is No Time Like The Present

We always find the few minutes to thank each other

So their effort doesn't go unnoticed

It is simple and it works

How nice it is to feel appreciated

A great confidence booster

We are each other's pit stop crew

We are in the trenches

When the pressure is on

Crunch time

When either it works or it doesn't

It is easy to thank someone after all their hard work and dedication

What about doing it a little along the way

Maybe when they need it the most

Lifting them up when their spirits our down

It could be just a pat on the back

A good feeling of we are doing something right

It is easy not to see all your progress

When you are deeply involved

Sometimes it is just the littlest compliment

I like to think of it as pickles with a grill cheese and tomato sandwich

It is separate from the sandwich

it still makes the sandwich better

In life, we all get very busy

It is easy to forget

Every day is a bunch of small steps

That adds up to one big step

If it is fixing me lunch when I am cutting the grass

Getting someone a cold drink

When they least expect it

Surprising them with ice cream with jimmies or a bowl of watermelon with whipped cream

Taking a picture of them

At any given moment

Just because

Life is filled with so many good times

It is a shame to see any go to waste