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Homeless Dog

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Homeless Dog

I knew the dog under the tarp

was hungry, perhaps famished

And I watched the man in the folding chair

Drop the meat from the tv dinner wrapped in bread

At his feet.

Its like that out here the man says pointing outside

To the streetlamps

And the hotel with the broken neon sign

across the parking lot

Makes noises

sometimes door opening or closing

and the sounds of someone

Signing to the

Billboard that has been faded over

And decorated by the vandals

From the bankrupt art school.

He tells us about the time they moved in

Carrying notebooks and batons

two days before they came in with the bulldozers.

She has no problem talking about her life as an entertainer

About how at fifteen she stole bleach once from

The gas station

To cleanse the public toilets

Before she cleansed herself.

I was here once she said to the man

Sitting in the folding chair

Underneath the tarp

With the hungry dog

And the famished neon hotel sign

That reads


© 2020 Finn

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