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Holy Books -- Much Read, Not Followed Remotely Enough


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Peace Remains a Dream as Long as Everyone Is Playing a Hard Believer in Something Else -- Val Karas

Peace Remains a Dream as Long as Everyone Is Playing a Hard Believer in Something Else -- Val Karas


This article is the sequel to the one of the other day with the same topic ("A Few Uncomfortable Questions for Religionists") -- which doesn't make it necessary to be read, since this one can stand on its own.

By the way, I am not mentioning it to advertise, but to give you a possibly necessary friendly warning. That is, if that one happened to anger you, switch to reading something else, while you are still in a good mood.

Topics like this could be characterized by some as a "literary suicide", but I have no worry here, I can always "resurrect myself" with some cute romantic story put into a column to resemble a poem. So strong is my faith, lol -- and now I am leaving it to you to make this faith wrong, if not for any other reason but to get even, if you get an impression that I am putting your own faith down.

Okay, now, time for me to start deserving some of that "hate-religious-style".

Let's start it all by focusing on the fact that there are, according to Google, some 2.4 billion Christians in this world, along with some 1.8 billion Muslims, 1.2 billion Hindi, and half a billion of Buddhists.

I hope Scientologists won't get offended for being left out, also any cultists using one or the other of officially recognized "holy" books.

Here I'm rushing to make my point by reminding you that all of these superior teachings have one thing in common -- love for the whole human race.

One look at the world's history, and another look at the current world's turmoil should suffice that we start asking ourselves one thing.

How is it that five-point-four-and-half billion of people worshipping an all-loving deity of their choice don't have much to show for all that massive "loving" going on?

It could even be understood if we were talking here about some religious fads that come and go -- but we are talking about millennia of indoctrination filled with wars in the name of that "love".

Like Crusades, like Spanish Inquisition torturing the life out of heretics, like terrorist bombings, like ruthless fight for military and economic global supremacy...not to mention all the gamut of ways that at times describe us more like a giant pack of wolves than a civilized global community of intelligent beings.

Leaving that unholy history and looking at these days -- so many church/synagoque/ /mosque/temple goers keep finding something and someone to be pissed about.

Married couples, able to quote many Bible passages and eloquent at telling stories about Jesus' teachings, about prophets and angels -- but bickering at each other like enemies.

And with all that "love" for the fellow humans, they compete with friends and families, gossip, call names, curse -- because their selective story in that confession booth will magically erase all that "forgivable sinning".

So I see them all completely satisfied with just proudly identifying themselves as believers of this or that religious denomination, while also able to quote something from their holy book. It's like all those cheering for San Francisco 49-ers with a winning feeling -- but never having to touch the ball.

On a strictly psychological side, religiousness may serve as a tranquilizing mental tool -- in churches they even burn that frankincense oil with its sedating effect. Quite ironically, that alone might be a hidden reason why religions have survived through all ages which provided ample evidence of their being ineffective as a connecting agent in human coexistence.

Those claiming that religion is credited for ethical awareness don't know what they are talking about. Love exists among animals, animals and humans, and between animals of different species, and none of those four-legged creatures ever heard about Jesus, Mohammad, or Buddha.

Okay, now, let's see how else I can make myself disliked after that previous religious article, in case if I didn't do a good job that first time. As usual, I am not doing it to pretend to have any poetic skills whatsoever-- it's just that I am having some fun rhyming my text.

So, here I go.

Religiously Well Informed

By having a picture of a Ferrari on the wall

we can't take a ride in that fine machine

also with the look at our religious idol

our hearts don't get instantly clean.

It's but old story of biting more than we can chew

we humans set for ourselves unattainable goals

so we're not talking here about anything new

with all this inflating limitations of our souls.

We are all talks with some wild ambitions

whether in politics, business, another strife

but being way too busy in hateful oppositions

not really including much of the divine in our life.

So we read and we preach and have group studies

cherishing each and every passage in our holy book

but sticking more to our drinking and gossiping buddies

here and there listening to a fanatic loud mouth schnook.

With our leaders attending Sunday mass

then issuing an order for a bombing attack

well, as long as it's done with a certain class

who cares that our faith looks all out of whack.

Self-forgiving must be the most prominent part

keeping us in a routine of sinning and kneeling

but as long as we're sounding religiously smart

we could sweep under rug every unholy feeling.


Sometimes I put others' religious faith on a test

kicking around some atheistic sounding crap

and I can really play an intellectual pest

letting believers fall in that setup trap.

They ignore when I say I have faith of my own

not belonging to any known indoctrination

in my spiritual quest doing it all alone

not laboring for soul's salvation.

So I just look as a bird out of their flock

with no holy book an atheist or heretic

getting an earful of their religious talk

proving a point that's quite pathetic.

For I'm living my faith with my every breath

without trying to make it better than others'

while they make it matter of life and death

having in their faith so much that bothers.

It's just like a political party all over again

with theirs being "superior" patriotic claim

playing politically neutral being all in vain

for you are not one supporting their game.

Either with us or against us, said President Bush

before, as true Christian, bombing Middle East

and I can often sense the same religious push

whether from some rabbi, an imam, or priest.

Well, it's not likely that we'll live to see that day

for divine love to sound same in every holy book

then we might not need anymore to kneel and pray

because all heaven and earth will have the same look.

© 2021 Val Karas

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