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Hollywood Serious

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Understood that the definition of commitment depended on person

One believed in sticking it out through all the patches life offered

Others stuck it out until the 15 minutes of fame ran out on clock

Displayed a pattern of ulterior motives, made it hard to trust intent

Unsure if looking for love or gaining a decent amount of clout

Credibility shattered due to cheating allegations and too many chances

Observed that public displays of affection not entirely genuine

A smile covered up the tiniest amount of malice or apathy

No amount of cover-up can repair public PR machine lies

Especially when tiny cracks became wider and wider

Nothing in print or video appeared to be real deal

Resembled a scene from a movie instead of real life

What happened to subtleness rather than being overt

Didn't need 007 efforts to avoid being linked to someone

Just natural efforts without being out of a cartoon

Always laughed when reading People each week

The Relationship section almost read like a total farce

Described how a particular celebrity pairing was "getting serious"

Hard to believe that when one or both parties were anything but

Tended to go through romantic partners like tissues

Young 20-something men and women literally played field

Like it was their own personal chessboard as they moved through

Knocked off competition rather ruthlessly, including partners

Threw massive amounts of shade when break-ups occurred

Dating histories that looked like a hit list from both genders

A Who's Who of Hollywood and music industries combined

A greatest hit compilation of sorts of press clippings and the like

Wondered when emotion came into play instead of image

Putting substance over stylish efforts in the art of true love

Real life never played like the big screen

Obvious from the get-go; still wished a touch of happiness

To everyone involved, even if circumstances were their own making

Needed to experience growing pains before growing up

All happened to everyone sooner or later

In and out of Hollywood

Even to George Clooney and Warren Beatty.

The ultimate unattainable ended up getting caught.

The ultimate unattainable ended up getting caught.

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