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Hollow is The Tenderness

Life is a string of addictions that keeps me in a state of hunger


The craving has me pinned
It's funny I feel nothing
Gently my love pushes what I want
But I never want it again
Desire says,
"Tender is this blanket."
This is the strength that pulls me in
Suspended and caught
I crawl into this pleasant world
Angels whisper "just sleep and
We will fix it all."
In silence and promises
I still look to my love and this is
And will always be all that I know
You see that I am pinned
And that it will ever change
Warrior of sleep keep your sword
To carve out the promise of tomorrow
I can not move on my own apart
From these little dolls that will it to be
And make it so, that intentions fail
Because I do not want that freedom
Apart from you
Submersed I'm under, hidden
Hollow soul don't let me drift
Keep me deeply in your wraps
The things I've left undone
Keep me free from ever doing
The things I've never won
Keep me forever wanting

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