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Hollow and Dark

Holding the lamp to shoo the dark, I pricked myself in the loom of past

There gushes out blood so vile that sprouts a seed of stygian rose

It grows in the cradle of thorn baptize with a spooky green curse

That creeps in my heart so tight it forms a knot- untie the knot

With a saber-toothed edge of ammunition offering little goldilocks

Its grating sound is an eldritch tune of ballad and of lullaby

Even babies in delight- of not so humane act cannot bare to cry

The cenotaph I use to bow is a throne of dangerous epitaph

It’s like the beat of tolling bells in the procession of elegy

And the soul hunter is gone astray whetting a prison blood

Attracting all human vampire creating guards of howling wolves

Blends along the altar’s chants with the wailing of motherhood

The smoke rises up bringing a thunder of fear and compelling fain

The death’s long gone, all be gone but plight of the living dead

Somnambulant are walking to the spaceless fissure of hidden world

Build by glorious empires of craftsman runes and alchemical pot

Whereby the mirror’s paradox sits atop the ocean’s algid blow

I reckon to touch it once yet shattered a thousand times

Encircling me with all its might, I peered upon a thousand faces

A vision of one and thousand whores in neigh of horses

The end is nigh; soldiers are marching to their doom

Someone has whispered me to trek the cemetery:

Its biting cold rush you to death in company of mournful ghost

There celebrate the cry of birth and wail of death

That you may gazed upon its distorted face with its faceless mask

Even the needle of an acupuncture disciple can’t point its temple

The knot in your heart is a neural memory in disarray

I’ve yet to see one less phizzog before a thousandfold

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