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Holidays and Hibernation - Senryu-Haiku Poem Collection

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This combination of Haiku and Senryu is about how someone, who hibernates alone during the holidays now, reminisces about the warm family memories of childhood.


Jingly Christmas bell

Santa sang and stockings hung

Presents, fairy tales


Chaste and clean white snow

Serene view from our window

Wind chills below ten


Cake in the oven

Mama’s famous roast chicken

Sister’s yummy pie


Pleasant mild sunshine

Golden rays on the dry porch

Cold breeze settling in


Family skit on stage

Fire burning warm and bright

The actors sizzle


All but memories

Of a merry yesteryear

The night falls heavy


Fire to candles

Pure snow to nerve-wrecking chill

Cold food on a plate


© 2011 Rinita Sen