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Hold on It Gets Better


Trust in yourself! Few like you

Trust in yourself, when there is no helping hand
You suffer for a reason, so hold on and stand.

The fight is real, the struggle intense.
but as you get help, it makes more and more sense.

Spend no time, entertaining you're flaws.
My God is an expert at opening doors.

The brain just keeps repeating, driving you insane.
In the sick human being, only ruins remain.

Who you truly are, is still not reflected,
because the conditions are crap and aren't yet corrected.

The treasure is in the struggle, so we look back and compare.
Something to be thankful for is something we need to share.

Without hope, we become depressed
and from personal experience, the more depressed I am
the harder it becomes to rationalise and think clearly.
So we should care for the things we watch and hear as we
are all influenced on a subconscious level.
So environment is like nutrition for the soul.

Imagine for a moment, every one of you're needs was taken care of...
A want is not a need, where would you be?

© 2019 Adam Mason