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Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.


You know that zephyr you couldn't catch The sand dispersed from your grasp That friend who lost path While you waited cast away Oh adulthood, your wrath You know that home turned to tide The downtime under busted lights Squandered hours for an asinine Closure is a fool's game Oh adulthood, you play dice You know when days turned salt to sap Poured victory into broken slabs Taught you to surf without a crash Sagacity braised your hair to grey Oh adulthood, you built a man And you know when life is your consort Watch babies learn more than Armstrong 'The beauty of life is that it's lost' You've held your colour to the final day Oh stars, remember, we've met before

© 2020 W h o I s I