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Hold Your Arms Open

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Be Ready For The Impossible

Where all our thoughts can sifted

The good can be saved

The bad can be gently discarded

There was a reason and a purpose

We might not never know

If we focus on our greatest and best attitude

We will have no time to waste

It is not the success and the glory

It is so much more than that

It is the will to succeed

The courage to survive

To take pride in each step

To learn to shake it off

When we fall

To learn and to teach ourselves

Life is magnificent

In so many ways

Feel free to bask in the joy

Don't be in a hurry for the next step

Where we haven't even planted our foot on the ground

Look around

See with our eyes

Don't forget to use all our senses

Feeling our way through life is not enough

Inner turmoil can bubble

Destroying all we have created

Put a cap on it

Until we are ready to explore the dark hole

On our own time

We can take as much or as little as we want

Then move ahead

Seeing what we have done

Knowing inside our gut

We made the right choice

For we always had the ingredients

We from time to time

We left some out or put in too much

My mother would say a pinch

My father would say an inch

My grandmother would probably say

A dab will do yeah

It turns out there was an advertising campaign in the fifties

For an ad for Prell a hair cream

Where they said that slogan

Well it was way before my time

So here in 2022

I wonder what will be our take on the world

What we will leave as a lasting impression

For the children of tomorrow

© 2022 DREAM ON

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