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Hit and Run Haunting

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



Emma was drunk as anyone could possibly be

She wobbled when walking yet her friends gave her the key

She hopped into her new Mercedes and sped away with a joint in her mouth

Speeding and going from side to side, a bad time for any hitchhiker to be out

As she made her way onto the freeway she drove like an angel freed from hell

Her actions meant tragedy and of course someone’s life would be lost to this Jezebel

She came flying down an intersection without paying any attention to the lights

And as the old lady crossed she ran her down and sent her flying in the sky of the night

She knew she hit someone, but she really didn’t care

She was too rich to go to jail, a burden she thought not to bear

So she sped off and went about her doings

A speeding demon, who had just left a life in ruins

But little did she know that it was not the end of it all

Because the old lady she killed had a special legion to the one who had fall

Emma began to have nightmares that seemed so real

At one point she dreamt she was boiling in oil and he skin slowly peeled

She kept on seeing the evil face of an old lady she never met

Who had the imprint of 666 on her forehead every night she slept

Strange things started to happen, such as flies swarming at the glass window

She would reach home and see witches pentagram drawn with blood under her pillow

She decided to invite a friend over to stay because she was literally going insane

But that was not about to stop the demonic pain

Emma and her friend betty were in the living room chatting and enjoying wine

Then suddenly the lights went out and it was time for a evil crime

A screaming sound then suddenly filled the room

Then a ghastly shadow flashed before their eyes

The girls screamed, but it was time to die

The evil spirit of the woman Emma had killed was back for your drunken stinking soul

As she ripped her flesh off piece by piece and poured stuffed an alcohol bottle down her throat

She kissed her and sucked her to a fluid less corpse

Her friend screamed and ran, slid and cut her throat on a broken wine bottle

As the evil demon laughed and made a throttle

She licked her blood and marked her forehead with an evil number

Now the old lady can rest, now the death of the hit and run driver

© 2018 Clive Williams

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