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Hit Me On A Hardcore

Hit Me On A Hardcore written by Honeylyn L. Casquijo will tell us, that a person who grew through storms won't fall easily.

He tried to strike a blow

to his opponent

but he was left dancing

with bald head aglow

like a spinning top.

He threw nonsense argument

but he's cooked in his own pot

maybe he needs a little smoother

and pull his arrow in its quiver.

He pulled the leather pocket

of his old slingshot toy

and aimed to hit a cricket

hiding in a sawdust pile, so coy

but he went home limping

a poor kid screaming

as if he was lamed by his own

groovy, missilelike sling stone.

Hit me on a hardcore

so I might tremble

and fall

I was built from the hardest crystal stone

so stiff and strong

storms were obsessed with my strength

they keep shaking me 'til I wither

so don't be surprise

if you can't drop me from the sky!

Credit to Trou blanc via pinterest for the photo.


© 2021 Honeylyn Casquijo