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Hit By Tsunami: A Poem

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.



That time seemed to stop

high waves greet every human who can't run.

At that time it seemed as if there were no more lives

The sea is arrogant and stands up, then chases endlessly.

looked at the amazement and strange sea crashing the land.

It starts when the earth's plate moves

It starts when the waves go far into the ocean

It starts when everything is quiet and calm.

Starting when all eyes go to the beach.

Everything then continued when the ears were friendly with the roar of the waves approaching.

Everything then continues when the screams of fear are shouted.

Everything then continues with tears and complaints waiting for death.

This is the sadness about the Tsunami that greeted us

This is the sadness about the Tsunami that invited our family to go

This sadness about the Tsunami that passed a meaningless life

This is a story from anywhere and anytime.

This is an angry Tsunami Story

This is the Tsunami Story that hits the body

until he took the soul without remaining together rolled up the waves.

Tsunamis born from earthquakes are thrown away by the sea of ​​mothers.

Tsunamis that form a sin because of greedy humans on the shores of heaven

Tsunamis are a sign for humans to be vigilant because land is nothing.

I told you this is the story of the shore that was hit by the earthquake.

turned into a disaster claimed lives.

Message Poetry

Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster is one of the natural disasters which is a warning for us humans to care for the environment. the importance of early warning to the community to reduce the number of lives. time cannot tell when a disaster will come and be present.

A sense of humanity will emerge to see the situation caused by the disaster. Sympathy and form of attention is one way we can do to relieve the trauma left after a disaster occurs.

May we become human beings who care about the environment and our fellow human beings. so that we can become human beings who think. this poem for our brothers in Sulawesi.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro