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History Has A long Tale


History has a long tale,

It embarks upon such magnitude;

Information heard and unheard,

Known and unknown;

How can it be processed in such finiteness,

Time is such a gracious one;

At times, history appears to be infinite,

I must distinguish betwixt two contrasted ideas;

Limited or limitless,

Infinite or finite;

Yet, comprehension is needed,

So much more than rehearsal and repetition;

Or there lies a miscarriage of justice,

History needs clarity!

I ponder is history a myth,

A mere hypothesis;

A talebearer or a gossip,

Just hearsay or the truth;

Can it be defended, or will I be offended,

If I bear false witness where I was not present;

No matter what era or eon,

Communication of it requires carefulness;

Less carelessness, the children are listening,

Words should not return void of understanding;

Fruitful fields should emerge,

More resolves to minimize problems;

History can’t be ignored!

Have you tried that strategy,

How did you do?

The well of infusion for thought,

Working against confusion of mind;

Full to the brim with facts,

True and false;

Some aspects resolved some pending resolves,

Every nation is in the history books;

Books, seen and unseen,

The trail of history is wide;

Such a broadway for the mind to journey,

What a pursuit!

The more I learn, highlights,

How much is unknown;

What nostalgic mysteries the phantom conceals,

The ancients, and ancestry;

Treasures not even the darkness can hide,

All the hauntings of ghost of the past;

Needing rest from breath which travailed,

To inhale and to exhale and leave a trace;

All in time, in history’s tales,

Oral and Written yesterday.

This poem was inspired by a line quoted by

Condoleeza Rice

“History has a long tail” or “tale”

Written By: Mabel Elezabeth Henry

August 6, 2021

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